In the south of France, green gardens dominate, inspired by the spectacular native maquis or scrubland, a superb natural environment enhanced by varying flowers, textures, shapes and light.

"I am telling a story with plants, trees and flowers ... and the wind as the backdrop."

Dominique Lafourcade understands the value of colour and uses it subtly and sparingly.

"Green in all its shades dominates, and it works with all colour combinations.  Discovering gentle yellows through the seasons, playing very subtly with ranges of pastel blue, awakening an array of pinks on a sustained green background punctuated by grey; like a painter mixing colours on a palette, this is how I endlessly reinterpret nature". 

As an extension of the house, the garden should subtly match and enhance the colours of the facade, shutters and doorway.

As someone who is passionate about the gardens of the South and the art de vivre they embody, Dominique Lafourcade never forgets the teaching of Horace: "He who combines beauty with usefulness, simplicity with grandeur, has not worked in vain."