Sketches, outlines, plans, perspectives, diagrams... Drawing is essential for expressing, understanding and executing the idea that will lead to the creation of a garden.

Dominique Lafourcade is gifted in the art of drawing.

Constantly developing, her gaze ceaselessly explores. She feeds on nature, old books, and meticulous plans from the Renaissance school...

Her flair and knowledge of her art are reflected in her landscaping projects.

The garden takes its inspiration from the house, with, for example, a vegetable garden or a restful arbour extending the living space; the garden then gradually connects and blends with the surrounding natural environment.

Straight lines and curves, regimentation and fluidity, exuberance and understatement are all construed in the right balance, in a perpetual quest for harmony.

As fine as medieval illuminations, her garden plans are a real invitation to dream.