Surprising and fun, the statues depict animal shapes and silhouettes; they breathe life into the gardens while reflecting the structures of the pruned, trimmed and clipped plants. 

Assembled from greenery, carved from wood, shaped from stone, set in terracotta or indeed engraved in metal, the "friendly animal" discovered on a path brings surprise and pleasure.

These diverse pieces play their part in making the garden a real living space.

"My sculptures belong there without lapsing into ostentation; the animals presented in their many forms fit completely naturally into the garden, in perfect keeping with the pruned and trimmed plants around them"...

These sculpted plants are a pleasing counterpoint to the animal sculptures: attractive, elegant, occasionally solemn, the forms produced by the topiarist's art dictate the garden's structure, emphasizing the interplay of light and shade and deepening its untrammelled beauty.

Sculpture can be a bridge between the wildness of nature and the solidity of buildings.