"The best purpose of a garden is to give delight and to give refreshment of mind, to soothe, to refine, and to lift up the heart in a spirit of praise and thankfulness."
Gertrude Jekyll, the legendary 19th-century horticulturalist, summed up her philosophy in these words, a philosophy shared by Dominique Lafourcade. 

In gardens designed by Dominique Lafourcade, the five senses are all celebrated. This is a deliberate intention, while the actual form the garden takes depends on its location and history.

Green gardens, water gardens, fruit and vegetable gardens, formal gardens, stone-themed gardens, scented gardens...

Roaming around and listening to the garden's story as told by Dominique Lafourcade is a delight.

"Explore green plant species in all their subtlety set off by the blue tones of iris beds, touch and discover the textures of leaves and their regular shapes, savour the freshness and silence broken only by the murmur of fountains, be overwhelmed by the fragrance released when you brush against blossoms trailing over an arbour, sample small fruit while passing by"...

Take the time to explore quietly, sit a while, look around and discover the garden's secrets.