The gardens of the Château

This beautiful Provencal château, which in a previous life was a family country retreat, consists of a magnificent central building flanked by two towers with polished tiles.

Here an invisible magic had to be worked to restore the castle while preserving its charm and the patina of the years.

The venerable gardens had deteriorated with the passage of time, and they called out for an artist's touch to restore their former beauty.

Dominique Lafourcade transformed the garden's oval fountain, turning it into a square ornamental stone pond supplied by a waterway and thereby creating a new perspective which gives structure and life to the South gardens. To the North, a newly-added frieze enhances the beauty of the facade, which is further embellished by two beds of viburnum cunningly pruned into mazes. Terraces and trellises offering welcome shade, a vegetable garden, an orchard, a large pond and terracotta paths highlight the elegance of this dwelling, which is protected by majestic and emblematic Mediterranean trees.